4Overland window project was born inside a group of enthusiast overland travellers.

The profile is designed, made and tested directly by our company, and it was born specifically for the use on overland trucks, that have different requirements with respect to domestic application and RV application.

The product has been studied, calculated and drawn with CAD, with different optimization targets:

  • Automotive homologation of all parts
  • Double glaze glasses
  • Altitude resistance for all places reachable by road
  • Thermal insulation
  • Total waterproof, even in heavy wind pressure condition
  • Extreme narrowness of the system, without conflicting with above target

Technical features

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Profiles fully dedicated to overland vehicles, entirely designed and extruded by our company

Possibility to assemble the window from both sides of the cell (either from outside – 1a or from inside – 1b)

Double glazing glass (homologated for automotive and suitable for altitudes) with Argon gas inside the chamber

Double sealing gaskets repaired from direct sunlight (4 gaskets on upper part)

Hinges in stainless steel with friction

PVC profile reinforced internally

Rain gutter embedded in the frame

Double locking position (for ventilation)

Suitable to be painted

Easy cleaning of the internal frame smooth profile

Assembly surfaces with extra-fine grooving for a better adhesion of the sealant

Internal frame for a better finishing (for frame 1a – mounted from outside)

Optional: Pleated mosquito net and blind screen with aluminium frame

Water path

4Overland profile is studied so that the functional components and steel reinforcements of the profile are positioned in sealed chambers. Water that may leak from glass gasket has a designed path from dedicated internal chambers, studied for this purpose.