From a deep specific analysis on the required requisites for an expedition truck, 4Overland studied a range of products for the building of long travel truck cell, starting from white paper and designing even profiles.

We are presenting windows, roof windows, and we are on the last stage of prototype testing for doors (external and internal passage cabine/cell) and hatches.

We cannot help you to get to the place you’d like to be, but we can help you to enjoy the landscape while getting there.

Why 4Overland

– 4Overland projects were born from an enthusiatic group of overland travellers, that know by direct experience all the functional needs of the building parts

– Profiles used are designed, made and tested directly from our company, in Italy. In this way it has been possible to optimize the profile for the use on long travel vehicles

– Our products have achieved automotive certification (double glaze glass according to european regulation nr. 43 – VI) and test for air permeability (according to EN-1026:2016, EN-12207:2016), waterproof (according to EN-1027:2016, EN-12208:1999) and resistance to wind load (according to EN-12211:2016, EN-12210:2016)


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