Roof window is a very important part of Overland vehicles. Lots of makers use nautical roof windows (hatches), because the materials used are very good quality ones with respect to the products for RV.

Anyway, the needs may be very different, and in case of roof windows this is particularly evident.

A problem of nautical hatches and portholes is that they are studied to work on boats, therefore the temperature range (-40°C – +85°C) typical of automotive applications is not needed.

The use of nautical “hatches” in overland application may result in condensation problems on the inner frame of the roof window in low temperature conditions, because the thermal brake has not been developed (not necessary for application).

The roof window 4Overland has a perfect thermal cut, double glaze obscured glass and chain opening up to 45°, detachable to open the window up to 90° helped by gas springs.

The chain allows to leave the roof window open for air recirculation without giving up the security against break-ins.

4Overland roof windows are totally suitable to every altitude reachable via road all aroud the world.

Technical features

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Double glaze darkened glass (each layer 5mm thick), homologated for automotive, tempered and asimmetric (outside glass bigger than inside glass)

Thermal insulation between outside and inside, with no thermal bridge. Aluminium frame is all outside the gaskets and the inner frame is PVC

Powder coated aluminium profile. Extruding tools done specifically for the project on our drawing

Stainless steel continuous hinge, fixed on thread on aluminium and tightened on PVC frame

Internal reinforced (with zinc plated steel) PVC frame

EPDM sealing gaskets: on outside perimeter, on the hinge and between the glass and PVC profile

Gas springs hidden between external and internal profile, fixed on aluminium frame and PVC frame

Ergonomic handle in stainless steel, fixed at the aluminium frame with 4 fixing points

Safety steel chain fixed between handle/steel plate and PVC frame

Possibility to exclude the chain in order to open the window at 90 degrees (passthrough)

All fixing elements in stainless steel

Optional: mosquito net/blind screen to be assembled on internal side

Optional: 3M adhesive safe film upon request